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dermaviduals® deco offers finished products as well as a modular make-up according to the specific needs of the individual skin.

dermaviduals® base foundation Plus - black
Care and shade for sensitive skin
dermaviduals® base foundation Plus - red
Care and shade for sensitive skin
dermaviduals® base foundation Plus - white
Care and shade for sensitive skin
dermaviduals® base foundation Plus - yellow
Care and shade for sensitive skin
dermaviduals® cover and conceal
Colour shade: green olive
dermaviduals® liner 1
Colour shade: black
dermaviduals® liner 2
Colour shade: dark brown
dermaviduals® liner 3
Colour shade: reddish brown
dermaviduals® liner 4
Colour shade: light brown
dermaviduals® lip balm
Transparent - without any pigment
dermaviduals® lipstick 1
Colour shade: purple brown
dermaviduals® lipstick 2
Colour shade: pink red
dermaviduals® lipstick 3
Colour shade: indian red
dermaviduals® lipstick 4
Colour shade: sunset red
dermaviduals® lipstick 5
Colour shade: sandy brown
dermaviduals® lipstick 6
Colour shade: autumn red
dermaviduals® lipstick Nude 1
Colour shade: apricot
dermaviduals® lipstick Nude 2
Colour shade: rosewood
dermaviduals® lipstick Nude 3
Colour shade: toffee
dermaviduals® lipstick Nude 4
Colour shade: plum
dermaviduals® teramic 0
All-purpose powder base (shade: 0-transparent)
dermaviduals® teramic 1
All-purpose powder base (shade: 1-summer light beige)
dermaviduals® teramic 2
All-purpose powder base (shade: 2-summer light bronze)
dermaviduals® teramic rouge 01
Rouge (shade: 01 light rosé)
dermaviduals® teramic rouge 02
Rouge (shade: 02 pink red)
dermaviduals® teramic rouge 03
Rouge (shade: 03 light apricot)
dermaviduals® tinted day cream
Revitalizing balm
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