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  Software: dermaviduals® corneotherapy - the preparations

Computer support for the care of the problem skin

Programmversion: 2.1.1


Calculating the active agent and product combination for the care of the problem skin while taking account of the contraindications gained from a multitude of different components has been unknown so far. It was virtually impossible to find the adequate ratio of both base and active agent components. This very complex problem has now unexpectedly been solved with a completely new open expert system. Thanks to its visualizing tools it is easy to select the necessary combination of active agents for specific skin care procedures or indications with the help of our software.

The software is based on the input of the cosmetic and/or medical diagnosis of the skin condition and the skin problem:

  • The selection and dosage of adequate active agents and preparations are displayed.
  • Contraindications, intolerances and interactions of the different active agents and preparations with regard to the individual skin problem are taken into account.
  • The calculating operation can be limited to the active agents and components available in the cosmetic practice.

The software package will not replace the necessary professional knowledge. The term "indication" refers to the cosmetic care or supportive cosmetic prevention of the specific problem skin and shall definitely not be understood within the meaning of a "medical cure". In case of doubt consult a dermatologist before the cosmetic treatment. Essential condition for the use of the software is a due consideration of the currently applicable national cosmetic regulation.

The software can be downloaded from this website. Use your customer's number to obtain your personal license file in order to activate the software. The license file will be sent by email.

Instruction for use:

1. Requirements

Operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows7

Microsoft Access XP, 2003, 2007or Microsoft Access Runtime 2007

Software license by KOKO GmbH & Co. KG

2. Installation

If you already have installed Microsoft Access in one of the above mentioned versions please proceed to step 2.2.

Download and install the Microsoft Access Runtime 2007 (about 57 MB) free of charge from the following link:
Download Microsoft Access Runtime 2007

After a successful installation of Microsoft Access please download and execute the below mentioned data file "dermaviduals.exe". You will be asked to enter a path and the setup will suggest "c:\dermaviduals".
Windows Vista: If you use Windows Vista, please do NOT install the program on: "C:\Programme\dermaviduals\" oder "C:\Programm Files\dermaviduals\", as the program will not run properly.

After the successful installation you will find the following link "dermaviduals® corneotherapy - die Präparate" in the start menu "all programs".

At the initial operation of the program you are requested to copy in your personal license. Click on the button "renew license" in the start window and go to the folder where you saved your license file. Click on it and confirm with the button "open". The program has been activated now.

Good luck for your work with "dermaviduals® corneotherapy - the preparations"!

download software "dermaviduals corneotherapy - the preparations"

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